This is official site of Black Water Dive® produced by photographer Ryo Minemizu. Black Water Dive® is a kind of night diving. We are setting up underwater lights of high-color rendering on the sea bottom of night that while considering tides, times, places. The creature which appears is mainly juveniles and larvae. All is fascinating, and it's not to be seen at daytime or regular night diving. It will be your first experience. This site will introduce the state of the event and the creatures seen and also future of BWD schedules. *"BWD"stands for Black Water Dive®.*Black Water Dive® is a registered trademark of Ryo Minemizu.


Larval fish of Cryptopsaras couesii - ミツクリエナガチョウチンアンコウの稚魚

Larval fish of Cryptopsaras couesii
Larval fish of Cryptopsaras couesii

Total length is about📏 5mm. This larval fish is 🆔Cryptopsaras couesii, In 🇬🇧English it's called 🆔Triple-wart seadevil that is a deep sea anglerfish. 🧐It is the origin of the name that three warts to lie side by side in front of dorsal fin. But, larval fish don't have it yet. I took picture in 🌌🌛🌛🌛night at depth -5m of Kiyan cape Okinawa mainland 🇯🇵Japan. Adult fish live in depths of 500 - 1250 m. It's small and it move about restlessly. 😅So, I am likely to lost of this larval fish often on the way of shooting. 🎈The outer skin of the larval fish is slightly expanding, it's seems to have the effect of securing the buoyancy by increasing the volume.

全長📏約5mmの🆔ミツクリエナガチョウチンアンコウの稚魚。英語では🆔Triple-wart seadevilと呼ばれる深海棲のチョウチンアンコウの1種です。🧐背鰭の前に3つの疣が横並びににある事が名前の由来です。しかし、稚魚はまだそれを持っていません。沖縄本島喜屋武岬の深さ-5mで🌌🌛🌛🌛夜に撮影しました。成魚は深度500-1250mに生息しています。😅小さいのにちょこまか動きます。だから、撮影途中で見失いそうになります。🎈稚魚の外皮はわずかに膨張していますが、これは体積を増やすことで浮力を確保する狙いがあると思われます。

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