This is official site of Black Water Dive® produced by photographer Ryo Minemizu. Black Water Dive® is a kind of night diving. We are setting up underwater lights of high-color rendering on the sea bottom of night that while considering tides, times, places. The creature which appears is mainly juveniles and larvae. All is fascinating, and it's not to be seen at daytime or regular night diving. It will be your first experience. This site will introduce the state of the event and the creatures seen and also future of BWD schedules. *"BWD"stands for Black Water Dive®.*Black Water Dive® is a registered trademark of Ryo Minemizu.
ラベル シテンヤッコの稚魚 の投稿を表示しています。 すべての投稿を表示
ラベル シテンヤッコの稚魚 の投稿を表示しています。 すべての投稿を表示


Larva of Apolemichthys trimaculatus (Cuvier, 1831)

Taken at Kume-island Black Water Dive® on from 28 to 31th july 2016. The larvae had many appeared at that week, but next week was very less. Depth of appearance of larvae was mainly from 8m to until surface.

Identification of Larvae of Pomacanthidae is very difficult because many species of the Meristic Characters are overlapping. Color of larvae are very similar both across species and genera. Of this time Identification was base on the color of advanced larvae.

Apolemichthys trimaculatus (Cuvier, 1831)
Larva of Apolemichthys trimaculatus
Larval stage, TL: about20mm

Most of the body is silver, dorsal is reddish brown.

Larva of Apolemichthys trimaculatus
Nape is slightly blacken.

Larva of Apolemichthys trimaculatus
Color of caudal peduncle is orange

Advanced larva
Larva of Apolemichthys trimaculatus
advanced larva, TL: about 22mm
Body yellowish, from nape to eye has dark pigment line and white framed eyespot on dorsal fin.

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