This is official site of Black Water Dive® produced by photographer Ryo Minemizu. Black Water Dive® is a kind of night diving. We are setting up underwater lights of high-color rendering on the sea bottom of night that while considering tides, times, places. The creature which appears is mainly juveniles and larvae. All is fascinating, and it's not to be seen at daytime or regular night diving. It will be your first experience. This site will introduce the state of the event and the creatures seen and also future of BWD schedules. *"BWD"stands for Black Water Dive®.*Black Water Dive® is a registered trademark of Ryo Minemizu.


The Firefly squid of Toyama Bay

English name: Firefly squid
Latin name: Watasenia scintillans (Berry, 1911)

Toyama Bay is famous for Firefly squid production. That mainly season is between March to May. This season is for Spawning. Distribution of Firefly squid is around Japan of Okhotsk Sea from coast of South Japan. Among them, the largest Firefly squid live in Toyama Bay, common size is ML70mm. It's much larger than those of other regions.

Watasenia scintillans
Firefly squid, Watasenia scintillans (Berry, 1911)
Watasenia scintillans
eggs drifting in underwater

Watasenia scintillans
Two to four large organs covered by black chromatophores on tips of arms IV.

Watasenia scintillans - Tree of Life Web Project

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