This is official site of Black Water Dive® produced by photographer Ryo Minemizu. Black Water Dive® is a kind of night diving. We are setting up underwater lights of high-color rendering on the sea bottom of night that while considering tides, times, places. The creature which appears is mainly juveniles and larvae. All is fascinating, and it's not to be seen at daytime or regular night diving. It will be your first experience. This site will introduce the state of the event and the creatures seen and also future of BWD schedules. *"BWD"stands for Black Water Dive®.*Black Water Dive® is a registered trademark of Ryo Minemizu.


Singular larva of the mantis shrimp

It appeared in the Black Water Dive® in Kume Island I went the other day, About larva of Mantis shrimp with the shell of a unique shape, Discussion of the write some.

larva of the mantis shrimp
Vertical length of the about 45mm.
Swim of this mantis shrimp larva is not faster than other mantis shrimp larvae.
It's just floating like a balloon.

larva of the mantis shrimp
Most of the body, it has been protected in this shell.

larva of the mantis shrimp
The shell has ridge line on back and side.

larva of the mantis shrimp
This specimen has Rostrum and Median spine. However, It's look like a little defective Rostrum in this individual. Probably, the original rostrum slightly longer than this photo.

larva of the mantis shrimp
And, there has shorter and obtuse of Postero-lateral spine.


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